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Bubbly chocolate cacao in a green cup
Cacao in a green cup
Chopped cacao in the shape of a heart on a chopping board

And I ask myself  "Why Cacao?" and I tell myself, "Why not Cacao.." 

I first became aware of Cacao in late 2019 when I saw a Cacao Ceremony advertised online. I was unable to attend but it did plant a (Cacao) seed. It was only a few months later though that I saw another Ceremony being held online, this time I knew I had to be there so I signed up. I ordered my Cacao from Keiths Cacao and by May 2020 I was attending regular online Ceremonies and strengthening my relationship with this magical Medicine.

In November 2020 I completed my Cacao Facilitator Training with Paula Gibson (HeartTribeCacao). The training provided me with a greater understanding of Cacao, its origins and sacredness, and helped me to explore my own relationship with the plant medicine on a deeper level.

I believe when the student is ready the teacher appears and Mama Cacao has and continues to teach me exactly what I need to know.


It all starts with that first sip....

"​I credit Cacao for getting me through one of the darkest times Humanity has experienced, I am grateful for the Medicine of Cacao and for the connections I have made because of this journey."

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What is Ceremonial Cacao?

A heart opening, feminine energy plant medicine, that is embellished in chocolatey tones. When you drink Cacao you connect to the essence of the medicine known as the Cacao Spirit or more fondly Mama Cacao. Her presence can be felt like a gentle embrace. Cacao helps you to "drop your guard", develop a deeper connection to your heart and a greater understanding of Self. 

What Cacao do I serve?

Keith (The Chocolate Shaman) 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao farmed in Guatemala. Keith himself sources the Cacao farm he wants to harvest. The Cacao is hand-picked, peeled, fermented, roasted and packed by the local workers in Guatemala. Each block of Cacao is blessed by Keith before it is shipped to your home. To learn more about Keith and the wonderful work he does visit:

How do I prepare my Cacao?

For a daily dose of Cacao I drink between 20-30g which I take with just hot water. When I am creating a ceremony for myself or others I increase the dose to 42.5g (based on Keiths Cacao recommendations). Cacao has a bitter taste so if you want to add some additional flavours try cayenne pepper/ginger/cinnamon for a little kick, maple syrup or honey if you prefer some sweetness, orange/peppermint/rose essential oils (food varieties) give it a nice taste too! You can make Cacao with oat/coconut or almond milk but never dairy. Dairy interacts with the compound properties of Cacao. Experiment with the different options available to you and once you find your favourite composition all you need is to find your favourite cup and enjoy!

What are some of the components of Cacao?

Cacao is a superfood containing many beneficial components such as:

  • Anandamide - responsible for the bliss and feelings of expansion,

  • Theobromine - helps to open the heart and provides an energy boost,

  • Phenylethylamine - an influencer of the "happy hormones", contributes to cognitive function,

  • Magnesium - important for a healthy heart and encourages relaxation.


Who can drink Cacao?

Cacao is for anyone who wants to experience a personal & heart centred connection. Cacao helps you to activate your body’s own natural ability to heal. She connects you to the parts of you that you may not even be consciously aware of. Cacao can affect people differently and for some you may experience side effects. 


Cacao is safe to consume but the quantities may be too much for some people. Most people can drink a ceremonial dose which is 42.5g but this can be adjusted to meet your needs. 

Antidepressants, antianxiety or antipsychotic drugs

Cacao can interfere with the MAOIs in antidepressants/SSRI’s and other mood-altering drugs. 


Cacao is safe for growing babies, but the dose may need to be lowered depending on your trimester.

Heart Conditions

Cacao can increase your heart-rate by 20-30%.

*If you plan to sit in Ceremony with me and any of the above apply to you, please reach out to me and let me know.

How do I request an in-person Cacao Ceremony?
Individual and group In-person Cacao Ceremonies are available on request. Please email for more information.

Where can I order Cacao?

You can order Ceremonial Grade Cacao by visiting and receive a one time discount by using my code: Sara-Jayne at the checkout.


I recently attended one of Sara Jayne's Cacao ceremonies. From the minute I entered the room I felt so relaxed and like I was already on another plane. She made the ceremony even more fun and engaging as she let her own personality shine through with her bright light and warmth. I will definitely be doing another one as soon as I can.

Keep following your passion.

Natasha, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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