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I am blessed to work as an Intuitive Healer, Cacao Practitioner & Medium with so many beautiful clients. Here are some words about my services directly from those I continue to support.

Sara-Jayne is a very talented and trustworthy Medium. She was able to connect with my loved ones and relay very precise information to me in a very clear and defined manner. I received information and guidance on my health, love life, family life, career, spiritual path and so much more. I laugh and I cry in most sessions because they are so beautiful. Sara-Jayne’s gift is quite remarkable. I’m so so grateful to have found her. 

My readings with Sara-Jayne fill me with peace, love and excitement! I highly recommend Sara-Jayne, I’ve experienced a number of sessions with her and I’m really excited to continue my journey together.

- Niamh, Co. Kildare (Ireland)

"The sessions with Sara-Jayne are always a pleasant experience. It makes you feel energized, more calm and supported than you were before. It's almost like rewinding everything and being safe and sound. Definitely worth it to try out!"

- Jeanine, Switzerland

Sara-Jayne is a caring, loving human being and healer that created a beautiful space for me at “a crossroads moment” in my life and when I needed to clear the way to remember myself and find confidence in me and what’s to come. She hosted a beautiful space where through her presence and connection, magic could happen. I felt immediately safe and understood in her presence so I could open to receive the healing.

The healing I experienced this time was a sound healing through her voice. It was the first time I received this type of healing and the experience allowed me to connect with different memories that I felt were being cleared, with body stuckness that could move and with emotions that found their way out. Each sound opened something that needed to move in such a beautiful way! During the session I also received several channeled messages that touched me deeply and reminded me of my purpose on Earth. I loved that she had picked an oracle card for me which summarises the session.

I left feeling much more grounded and confident in my journey and trusting the greater plan of life. Very quickly after the session many little things happen to re-affirm me that I am on the right path. 

- Ludmila, Lausanne (Switzerland)

"I have participated in several of Sara-Jayne's online Reiki healing sessions, which have always been conducted in a very friendly and positive atmosphere.  No matter how frazzled I've gone into these sessions, I've always come out calm and relaxed at the end. I could not think of a better guide and leader of these sessions than Sara-Jayne and can thoroughly recommend that everyone who's even a bit curious of experiencing Reiki gives these sessions a go."

- Anna, Switzerland

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Experience the magic for yourself.

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